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          How to Apply:

           Resume (download the form):
          1、 1. What’s the position you apply for
          2、 2. Your working history, especially the relevant working experience
          How to apply
          1、E-mail: hr@www.kneadacookie.com 
          3、Web: www.www.kneadacookie.com
          4、Post Address: Baihong human resources department, Fenlin village, Longhu Town, Jinjiang City, P.C.:362241
           Bus Line
          Jinjin Line to Baihong
          1、Within two weeks after we receive your emails or letters, we will inform you to get interview if your conditons are under our requrements. We will not consider those people wihtout further notice. The resumes will not returen. Our company is responsible for the confidentiality.
          2、When you get interview requirement, pls take with your original certificates.
          1、Pls not make attachment when you send resume
          2、Pls do not visit without permission
          3、When interview, pls take your personal reume, ID, highest education certificates, other revelant certificates and one personal pic

          Apply Process:
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