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          Baihong Industry Selected as “2017 Hong Kong Listed Companies Top 100 Hong Kong Stocks” won the
          來源:原創  瀏覽次數:  發布時間:2018-04-19

          On April 19, the Second Hong Kong Listed Companies Development Summit Forum & 2017 “Top 100 Hong Kong Stocks” Awards Ceremony was held successfully at the Hong Kong Admiralty Marriott Hotel. As Hong Kong’s annual capital market event, there are hundreds of Hong Kong stocks’ top 100 events this year. Leaders from the political and business circles attended the meeting and witnessed the establishment of the Hong Kong Top 100 Research Center. The center will work hard for the development of the capital market in Hong Kong and promote the healthy development of the capital market in Hong Kong. In addition to the Award Presentation Ceremony of Top 100 Listed Companies Awarded by Hong Kong Stock Exchange, this year the General Assembly once again held the second Hong Kong Listed Companies Development Summit Forum in the form of a forum.

          Baihong Industrial Holdings Co., Ltd. was selected as “2017 Hong Kong Stocks Listed Companies Top 100 Hong Kong Stocks” and won the “Flying Enterprise Award”. Baihong Hong Kong Director took office and received this award. This honor encourages and encourages the management of listed companies to improve their management and enhance shareholder value.

          The theme of the forum was “To gain insight into the world economy and lead innovation and development”. Many industry professionals were invited to attend the forum to discuss the challenges, reforms, innovations, and risks of the capital market as the global economic landscape changes. The forum has also been sponsored by the Hong Kong China M & A Association, the Hong Kong Chinese Finance Association, the Hong Kong Chinese Securities Industry Association, the Hong Kong Listed Companies Chamber of Commerce, the Hong Kong Chinese Capital Fund Industry Association, the Securities Association, the Hong Kong Investor Relations Association, the Hong Kong X Technology Venture Platform and many others. The full support of Hong Kong's leading financial organizations.