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          Special products
          Super bright color yarn

          Specifications:Violet, lemon yellow, rose-red

          Detailed information
          Product Introduction:

          Super bright color yarn is used in direct spinning production of trilobal super bright color yarn. By adopting advanced equipments, adding a set of extrusion screw before spinning beam, master batch feeder are melted under high temperature and pressure and then poured into Manifold part through measure mercury,. First through dynamic mixer, then static mixer to mix evenly into the beam piping. The trilobal super bright color yarn is then succssfully been developed. BUP is a kind of polyester fiber that has lasting anti-UV function. It is made by specially-processed nanoscale ultraviolet-resistant agent dispersing into melt PET in the spinning process. Uniform distribution of ultraviolet-resistant agent enables the fiber and the fabric not only to reflex ultraviolet radiation but also to transfer ultraviolet energy to thermal energy or other harmless low-energy form and accordingly release or consume it. Based on the structure and color of the fabric, it can resist UV-A and UV-B permanently with UPF value over 50.

          Product Features:

          High gloss, Colorful, Environmental friendly

          Product use:

          Widely used in garments, home decoration and high-grade shoe material

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