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          Special products
          Fluorescent whitening fiber

          Specifications:Cross shaped, Y shaped

          Detailed information
          Product Introduction:

          It is made by fluorescent whitening agent evenly dispersing into melt PET in the spinning process. This won’t damage fabric strength and elongation. Uniform distribution of ultraviolet-resistant agent enables the fiber and the fabric not only to reflex 420-440nmultraviolet radiation to make fiber surface looks brighter with blue light but also to transfer ultraviolet energy to thermal energy or other harmless low-energy form and accordingly release or consume it. Meanwhile, its Y Shape cross section, forming fine grooves on fiber surface, with capillary appearing, thus the sweat and moisture excreted from the external layer of skin will be absorbed, diffused, transmitted and eliminated from the body momentarily, maintaining skin clear and cool.

          Product Features:

          Quick wet permeability, dry, brightly lustrous, feel soft

          Product use:

          Widely used in garments, shoe material, white socks, white medical clothing, sports wear, trademark, sewing thread, white gloves

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