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          Yi Hua Yang ,Co-Chairman and Non-Executive Director

          Mr.Yang joined the board in March 19, 2014, who is much experienced and knowledgeable in corporation management and economy.

          He is the Chief economist of Energy Consernation And Environment Protection Group since May 2010, who is also the non-executive director of CECEP COSTIN New Materials Group Limited since November 1, 2013. Mr.Yang awarded the certificate of completion of postgraduate diploma of Industrial and commercial management classes from NanKai University. Mr.Yang in December 2003 obtained a master's degree in business administration of City University of the United States of America.

          Zhong Qin Wu ,Non-executive Director

          Mr.Wu joined the group in April 2011 and on 19 March 2014 appointed to join the board of directors.

          From April 2011 to September 2012, worked as public relationship manager of Fujian Billion Polyester-fibre Industry Co,ltd., and got promption to be assistant of Chairman in October 2012. Mr. Wu was appointed in 2012 to Jinjiang 12th CPPCC. Mr.Wu worked for Xiamen ZhongLai Trading Co,Ltd in sales department, who graduated from China East Science and Technology University and got the finance degree in July 2009.

          Shuo Zhi Chen ,Non-Executive Director

          Mr.Chen joined the board of directors in May 26, 2014.

          Mr.Chen is the Chairman of Inspection Committee and Compensation Committee belong to board, who is the member of nominating committee. Mr.Chen is much experienced in auditing and accounting. Mr.Chen worked for ZhenZhen Accounting Firm in January 2004, and to be company partner in January 2012. Previously, during the 2 pet from September 1999 to January 2003 in Hong Kong as accountant and assistant manager of KPMG. Mr. Chen graduated from Cambridge university in June 1999, holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics. In 2003, he also may obtain a master's degree in literature from the Cambridge university. Mr.chen is member of Hong Kong institute of certified public accountants, senior members of the foreign institute and the Hong Kong institute of tax accountant.

          Yu Liang Ma ,Sole Non-Executive Director

          Mr.Ma was appointed the Sole Non-Executive Director of the board in Mary 31, 2011, who is also the member of Inspection Committee and Compensation Committee belong to board.

          Mr Ma has now retired, and once in 1988 and in 1988 respectively as the textile industry system reform department deputy director and director of the economic relations and trade of Chinese textile. In 1987, Mr Ma is the National Economic Council Reform Bureau director all around. Mr. Ma in 2001 to 2001 and 2002 to 2002 had been director of Jilin Chemical Fiber Co., LTD. (a in companies listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange) and Zhejiang FuRun Holding Co., LTD. (a company listed on the Shanghai stock exchange) . He made in 1963 Jilin university of technology (now called the Jilin university) a bachelor's degree in management engineering. Mr. Ma in 1988 awarded as senior engineer by the State Economic Commission Personnel Bureau.

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