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          Jian Ming Lin ,Sole Non-Executive Director

          Mr.Lin was appointed the Sole Non-Executive Director of the board in Mary 31, 2013, who is also the member of Inspection Committee and Compensation Committee belong to board; who is much experience in eduction and resarch; who graduated from Overseas Chinese Univertisy; in 1995, who had been the visiting scholar of HongKong Chinese University; in 2002, who got the Doctor’s Degree of TianJin University. Mr.Lin has been the dean of science and engineering college of Overseas Chinese University; also the Direcor, researcher and professor of Material physical and chemical research institute. Mr.Lin is Director of the institute of optics in Fujian province, Director of Fujian institute of physics optical branch, Executive Director of Quznhou Chemial and Engineering academy. Mr.Lin awarded the Younth Science Honor in 2006.

          Jing Ping Ye ,Vice-President & Senior Engineer

          Mr.Ye joined the group in 2003, now is our company Vice President and Senior Engineer, who has over 30 years polyester filament industry, mainly in charge of the new products development and research, who was the engineer, director of workshop and Vice General Manager of Xiamen Fibre Chemical Company from August 1983 to May 2005. Mr.Ye graduated from China East Textile College (now is China East University) at chemial fibre major of textile chemial engineering department. Mr Ye in April 2006 was awarded as Quanzhou Best Worker and the Best Textile Developer by the Fujian Light Industrial Office in 1993, whose fibre new products project won the second prize in 1988.

          Jin Yu Wang ,Vice - President

          Mr.Wang has over 16 years fibre filament experience, who is our Vice-President.

          Before Mr.Wang was the assistant of Chairman since the foundation of FUJIAN BILLION in 2003. From March 2003 to Octomber 2003, Mr.Wang was the assistant of Chairman of Fujian Baikai Polyester Fibre Industry Co.,ltd; from Februay 1998 to February 2003, was the public relationship director of JinXing (Fujian) Polyester Fibre Industry Co.,ltd. Mr.Wang now is take MBA courses in HuiFeng Business School of Beijing University.

          Wei Lue LI ,Chief Financial Officer & Secretary

          Mr.Li works for our company since October 2013, has been our Chief Financial Officer, secretary and authorized representative, who has over 13 years of accounting and auditting.

          From May 2012 to August 2013, was the Chief Financial Officer of AoJie Industrial Co.,ltd, from January 2004 to October 2009, worked as accountor, vice manager and manager of MaWei Accounting Firm; from Nobember 2009 to May 2012, worked in Bimawei Consulting ( China) Co.,ltd as Senior Manager; from May 2004 to January 2005, worked in Fen Zhao Lin YuXi Accounting Firm. Mr.Li got the Business certificate issued by Austrial Wo Long Gan University in December 1999, major is accounting. Mr Li is member of Hong Kong institute of certified public accountants.

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