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          On-the Job Leaning

          Company pays attention to employee career planning, established stepwise talent mechanism, equality of opportunity, and pay attention to employee's personal moral cultivation. In October 2009, the company with Information Technology School of Fujian province jointly founded the "vocational classes", employees can study in the company, learning while working. Employees get further eduction and get improvement on working. On March 2012, BILLION cooperated with Tianjin university, founded the best BILLION - Tianjin university network education institute. Employees get professional training through remote network and obtain the National recognition of qualifications, the Ministry of Education electronicregistration graduation certificates issued by the TianJin University. The creation of the network education college will strengthen and improve the staff's degree structure, improve the staff's on-the-job learning enthusiasm, construction of learning organization, to build a high quality of the BILLION talent team.

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